Interview Prep A lack of preparedness is the downfall of a strong applicant. Leave your ego at the door and put in the work to learn more about the position and organization. This helps show respect and enthusiasm to the interview panel. Your interview prep to-do list: Research the company extensively Anticipate the interview questions… Read more »


Let’s Talk About LinkedIn You may not feel quite ready to update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your job-seeking status. It can feel a bit final to create an update to your employment details, however we urge you not to delay. Unless your LinkedIn profile is current, then employers or recruiters may not reach out… Read more »


COVER LETTER TIPS MAKE IT CUSTOM We can tell you, this one’s really important and can make or break an application. For each and every new positionthat you apply to, you need to create a specific cover letter that is targeted and thoughtfully written. It’s easy for a recruiter or employer to tell if you’re… Read more »


RESUME REVIEW EDIT, EDIT, EDIT We highly recommend going through several rounds of editing to make sure your writing is as clear as possible and you’ve eliminated any spelling or grammatical errors. It’s a great idea to ask a friend or family member, who is willing to lend a critical eye, to review your resume… Read more »


On March 6, 2019 BYOBF Network will be featuring some amazing speaking at Princess Margaret Secondary School in Surrey for IGNITE 2019. This is a half day event that allows grades 10-12 students learn about relevant careers of their choosing within an overriding theme. The conference allows them to gain insight into various careers, community services and… Read more »


On behalf of the WE FOR SHE organizing committee (Sukhi Ghuman, Kuljit Sandhu, Jasmine Garcha, Korine Deol, Riya Khanna) we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for contributing to the success of Be Your Own Best Friend (BYOBF) Network’s WE FOR SHE Conference on May 16, 2018. We are thrilled at how the… Read more »

      Abubakar Khan, Actor and Podcast Host   Abubakar Khan is a young American, Canadian, Pakistani muslim. He is the founder of The Chosen Khan. An online platform that highlights diversity, interfaith and creative dialogue. He is the chairman of Social Sport, a charity that helps to integrate refugee youth through the power… Read more »


BYOBF Network is proud to be participating in IGNITE once again at Princess Margaret Secondary School in Surrey. This will the 5th year of the conference and they are taking a holistic approach with the theme being ‘Networking 101: The Value of Relationships and Mentorships’. Students will be exposed to stories of the benefits of building a supportive… Read more »

BYOBF Network

BYOBF Network is excited to be hosting the first Super Girl Within Conference for Grade 9 girls in Surrey at L.A. Matheson Secondary School on February 8, 2017. This full-day conference will include the “Voices of Experience Career Panel Discussion” and will feature professional women working in a variety of different industries sharing their experiences… Read more »

Conference Panelists

Day-to-day living is costly. Gas, groceries, home expenses, the kids, taxes, a workday coffee or lunch – it all costs and it all adds up, making it very difficult to set aside money for investing. But you know you should because contributing to your investments within an RRSP and other forms of saving and investing… Read more »

3 ways to fing hidden

In British Columbia, signs displaying faces of  candidates are at every major intersection and on lawns of people who have decided to step into a greater sense of leadership so they can contribute to society. These signs we see are for the municipal elections. What does it take to become a leader not only in their own… Read more »

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Living in a country that is known for its multiculturalism and diversity, diverse voices need to be represented at all levels of government to reflect the needs and challenges of the society that we live in. The diverse voices are integral to the socio-economic framework of cities. As we are leading into municipal elections here… Read more »


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