Interview Prep

A lack of preparedness is the downfall of a strong applicant. Leave your ego at the door and put in the work to learn more about the position and organization. This helps show respect and enthusiasm to the interview panel.

Your interview prep to-do list:

  • Research the company extensively
  • Anticipate the interview questions you may be asked. Note your answers as bullet points to avoid soundingrobotic
  • Review the job profile thoroughly
  • Do your due diligence on the interview panel
  • Have your own questions prepared for the interviewers
  • Complete a practice interview with someone you trust to give honest feedback
  • Plan your commute route with a decent time buffer (if in person)



Test your mic and camera before the interview begins. If the camera freezes, don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeatthe question. These things happen!


Where possible, use your desktop or laptop over a cell phone. It makes for a more professional presentation. To look your best, try positioning your screen at eye level and approximately two feet away from you.


If your app has the functionality, utilize the Gallery View so that you can see all the speakers at once. When someone isspeaking it will be easy to identify who they are because the Gallery View will highlight them for you. This will help you avoid darting your eye focus from person to person!


  • It goes without saying that you should be on time for your interview, but avoid being extremely It puts everyone in an awkward situation if you’re sitting in the waiting room for half an hour. Checking in at reception 5-10 minutes before your scheduled start time is ideal.
  • Due to social distancing measures, a handshake is no longer going to To compensate, make sure that your bodylanguage is confident and approachable. Smile frequently and remember to breathe to keep nerves under control.
  • Be authentic, to the point and Be honest and do notlie in an interview, keep your answers concise and avoidrambling to make the most of your time. Never trash talk an employer or team – focus on the constructive way you worked or are working to overcome challenges.


After your interview, send a quick note to the interview panel to thank them for their time and to re-iterate your interest in the position and the organization. If the organization you interviewed with is working with a recruitment firm, consider sending the recruiter you’ve been working with a quick note to update and thank them for any help they offered to help you prepare. A simple note of thanks goes a long way and helps you to stand out for being courteous.

Don’t forget your manners. Remember that these aren’t to be reserved for special occasions or the interview panel you’re so keen to impress. From the parking attendant through to the office manager – treat everyone with equal respect and kindness.

This post was provided by Harbour West Consulting.