It’s time to enter a new year with some new habits and a healthier lifestyle. Everyone loves making New Year Resolution plans, but those usually end up as empty promises to ourselves. This year, do things differently and promise to become a better and healthier you. Start a Healthy Diet Promise yourself that you will start… Read more »


Sandeep Gill was born and raised in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. After pursuing a career in Social Work, she recognized the depths of silence and the shame culture plaguing the South Asian community today. She founded She Writes HerStory to raise awareness about the systematic cultural oppression faced by South Asian women and to empower women to reclaim their… Read more »


BYOBF Network is excited to announce our next event: The HOLIDAY MINGLER at TOPSHOP SHOPPING & COCKTAILS Come join us Tuesday, December 6 at 6:30pm for an evening of Mingling over treats while discovering the latest in women’s holiday fashion and new season trends at Topshop. Connect with some amazing women while shopping must-have dresses,… Read more »


After focusing on South Asian women for four years, the BYOBF Network has seen a need to empower female youth today! Learn more about the Super Girl Within Conference here


Raveena Oberoi is the owner of Just Cakes, a bespoke custom cake company in Metro Vancouver. She definitely has a sweet tooth along for all things creative and crafty. It’s this love for creativity that got Raveena into baking cakes at the age of sixteen. What started off as a hobby, soon became a full-fledged business… Read more »


BYOBF Network is excited to announce our next event: Chocolate Tasting & Mingling Come join us Thursday, October 27th at 6:00pm for an evening of Networking, Collaboration, Chocolate Tasting, Refreshments & Fun in Yaletown! Chocolate tasting? Yes, chocolate tasting. Just as wine is more than rotten grape juice, chocolate can be so much more than… Read more »


As we have been seeing more and more recently on the likes of Princess Kate, Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley, and Anna Wintour, even celebrities sometimes love a piece so much, they aren’t afraid to be seen in it twice. The most famous fashion-bloggers have taken this story a step further: for the last couple of… Read more »


Lil India’s endless love and desire to hear Jodeci on the dancefloor is how they began DJing. With their knowledge of R&B and Hip Hop they’ve always know how to keep the crowds dancing. Staying true to their vision of playing good music and setting good vibes, they’ve successfully thrown parties for the past 6… Read more »


Looking for a fun and exciting way to expand your network? BYOBF Network is collaborating with Vancouver Food Tours on Wednesday, September 30th for an evening of exploring Gastown with great food, drinks, and networking. An experienced Vancouver Food Tour representative will guide us through historic Gastown, stop at two restaurants, where we try beer flights and carefully… Read more »


Staging is the ultimate solution to get top dollars for your property. Creativity and style can help you showcase your home in the right light to make it look worth the price you are asking for. The aim is to create a universal appeal and to style it with the minimum. When you sell a… Read more »


Day-to-day living is costly. Gas, groceries, home expenses, the kids, taxes, a workday coffee or lunch – it all costs and it all adds up, making it very difficult to set aside money for investing. But you know you should because contributing to your investments within an RRSP and other forms of saving and investing… Read more »

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Like many other cultures, the South Asian community has its own set of traditions and customs especially when it comes to love, relationships and marriage. However, many western cultures are joined with the SA culture in its views on values and morals especially when tender young hearts are involved. Many parents believe that certain rules… Read more »

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