Let’s Talk About LinkedIn

You may not feel quite ready to update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your job-seeking status. It can feel a bit final to create an update to your employment details, however we urge you not to delay. Unless your LinkedIn profile is current, then employers or recruiters may not reach out to you as actively. An update to your LinkedIn profile will signal to your valuable network that you’re open to opportunities and put you front of mind.


A Professional Photo really matters for first impressions and builds trust and confidence from recruiters.

Don’t Forget a Background Photo! This is your chance to infuse some personality or show off your creative side.Just be sure to keep it professional and steer clear of thatgroup photo of your Cabo trip circa 2012.

Use Examples to keep your LinkedIn profile as an active page by adding new projects and achievements regularly. Make it visual for higher engagement plus find ways to engage your target audience by sharing content that interests or will be useful to them.

Focus on the Voice. Keep a consistent voice that tells your professional story in a human way. Less formal than a resume you can afford to be a little more conversational and to focus on being approachable.

Be Social. It is a social network after all. Keep, or become, active in liking and commenting on posts that resonate with you to increase your profile visibility. Sparingly share posts or information that will be valuable or of interest to your connections to begin with is a good approach too.


Tagline. If you’re suddenly looking for a new job you could use the tagline on your profile to make it known that you’re ready for something new, who you are and what you’re looking for. Keep it snappy, engaging and avoid sounding like acorny ad. Keep this single sentence elevator pitch sincere, interesting and to the point. Our top tip? Show recruiters you’re looking for new opportunities by updating your profile settings.

Keywords. Job postings on LinkedIn can be a great way for you to learn about new opportunities, and forrecruiters to discover you too. Look at roles you’re interested in and sprinkle the key words and specific skills employers are looking for throughout your whole profile to boost your discoverability.

Leverage your network by asking your contacts for specific and targeted introductions, leads and suggestions. Bewary of ‘spammy’ behaviour by making sure you only make a few asks that really count. Always follow up and give thanks to the person who introduced or recommended you. Even if it doesn’t lead to an interview oropportunity, a quick thank you note is always appreciated.

This post was provided by Harbour West Consulting.