On behalf of the WE FOR SHE organizing committee (Sukhi Ghuman, Kuljit Sandhu, Jasmine Garcha, Korine Deol, Riya Khanna) we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for contributing to the success of Be Your Own Best Friend (BYOBF) Network’s WE FOR SHE Conference on May 16, 2018. We are thrilled at how the event turned out and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

From speaking on the panel to attending the career fair to sponsoring the event – without all of you, this event would not have been possible! 

We are also happy to announce we will be offering two grade 12 students that attended the conference yesterday a $400 scholarship each!



MAY 16 – WE FOR SHE Highlight Video

May 16 – Tarannum Thind, Keynote Speaker

May 16 – Harman Kaur, Spoken Word Artist

May 16 – Voices of Experience CAREER PANEL