We highly recommend going through several rounds of editing to make sure your writing is as clear as possible and you’ve eliminated any spelling or grammatical errors. It’s a great idea to ask a friend or family member, who is willing to lend a critical eye, to review your resume as well. After you’ve spent so long staring at the wording of the same paragraph, you’re likely not getting very much further without outside input.


It’s tempting to write down everything you’ve ever done professionally as one big role call of activities. A better approach is to focus on matching your achievements with the role, company and the job specification. Your goal should be to make it abundantly clear to the hiring manager why you’re a great fit.


Steer away from generic lists and focus on achievements where you can demonstrate your skills throughexamples in an engaging away. The Star Method is a great way to try and structure your examples: Situation– Task – Action – Result.


Spend the $10 on that resume template you’ve been eyeing up on Etsy and treat your resume to a quick face lift. Design and intuitive layout are big factors in making a great impression. Show off your polish with a design that helps your personality shine through. Be mindful about how you write and avoid overusing corporate buzz words where plain language will suffice, this will help you foster your own voice and avoid coming off as a robotic corporate clone.

This post is provided by Harbour West Consulting.