Meet Ashley Rani Singla. Her journey has been one of much contrast. It was when she realized that ‘success” as society labels it wasn’t her path anymore, she found her true calling. Ashley cherishes her alone time and this recognition brought into a journey of redefining motherhood for herself, particularly coming from a culture where… Read more »

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Meet Kiran and Jessica Tiwana. These sisters are the founders and owners of Pearl & Clover Co, a Vancouver-based boutique clothing company that carefully curates clothing for women of all sizes. They are both stylists that have a love of fashion and home design. In addition, Kiran is an entrepreneur and works for the Federal Government,… Read more »


Rarely will you meet someone from Metro Vancouver who doesn’t know who Tarannum Thind is. Tarannum is a versatile broadcaster who has hosted news reports, entertainment stories and lifestyle segments both on television and radio. Tarannum brings her dedication, experience, charisma, and her love for storytelling to her most recent role as the host of… Read more »


Talia is a dedicated intersectional feminist and a wholehearted desi woman who is on a mission to redefine the narrative of desi womanhood. Her passion for gender equality and social justice has driven her to continuously apply herself professionally, culturally, and socially to amplify the voices of women and marginalized populations. Talia works in consulting as a social… Read more »

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Niti Mangat is a Business consultant, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and a serial entrepreneur.  Growing up, she felt there weren’t very many women in powerful positions around her she wanted to change that. Besides her own dedicated career aspirations Niti Mangat hopes to inspire other South Asian women to follow their true path. Check out… Read more »

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Manpreet Dhillon is passionate about economic equality for racialized and marginalized groups. She feels if we have a world where people are in their power, they won’t take that power from someone else. It will create communities that are based on connection. Manpreet Dhillon founded her company, Veza Global to do this work. Veza is a human resources tech… Read more »


Meet Harpo. She’s a passionate brown girl who adores being a brown girl. She’s navigating and unpacking her own brown girl guilt, while continuously exploring what a world without that guilt looks like for herself and her didis. She loves conversations, creating space, taking space, and cultivating space. A space she really loves exploring is the third space in… Read more »


Meet Jasmin Kaur. A spoken word artist, illustrator and educator living on unceded Sto:lo First Nations territory. This means that the land she was born and lives upon was taken through colonial violence from the Indigenous communities that have lived here long before Canada was ever a concept. Growing up in a community – and a world… Read more »

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Meet Kamal (a.k.a Kam) Bhalla. From stay-at-home mom to stylist/personal shopper at Nordstrom, this busy working mom of two is doing what she loves. Fashion is a true passion for her and she enjoys keeping up with the latest trends, however her journey into becoming a stylist, isn’t a conventional one.  To overseeing real estate projects to… Read more »


Meet Veerpal. She is the founder of EO Healing, an aromatherapy and plant-based skin care brand that focuses on creating quality skin care and wellness products that are healthy and effective. Through her products, her goal is to improve one’s skin and enhance holistic health, while improving your overall lifestyle. Veerpal is also a certified and… Read more »


Meet Raman Mander. She’s a 25 year-old spoken word poet, a publisher, a podcast host and to top it off, a nurse as well.  She’s been a registered nurse in maternity for two and a half years. This past year she returned to school to complete her perinatal specialty so she could focus on labour and delivery. She’s… Read more »


Meet Agam Darshi. This talented award winning actor wears many hats, including that of Director, Producer, Storyteller and Momma of twins. She has been a professional actor for over fifteen years, working internationally and garnering numerous awards. Agam recently won her third Leo Award and has starred in numerous TV series such as PLAYED (CTV), SANCTUARY (SYFY) and… Read more »


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