Meet Kiranjot Kaur, a multi-disciplinary artist, author and engineer. Her work aims to celebrate her artistic influences including Panjabi, Sikh and Canadian heritages, and lived experiences being raised in a family-owned fabric store.  She is the author and illustrator of Sangeet and the Missing Beat, a children’s picture book and she is also currently pursuing a PhD… Read more »


EAT, DRINK AND MAKE CONNECTIONS! Come celebrate the summer with us at one of South Surrey’s nicest patios! Can you believe it’s almost the end of summer? Connect face-to-face with a group of like-minded South Asian women at our upcoming mingler. Our community is made up of successful, motivated and passionate women from various industries and… Read more »

Meet Simone Grewal, a vetern broadcaster who’s been working in the media industry for over 22 years in both radio and television. Currently,  Simone is the Program Director at 104.3 The Breeze FM and also the host of a syndicated afternoon show that airs from 3pm to 7pm in Vancouver & Edmonton. She’s a momma of two… Read more »

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Meet Mithalee Rawat. She grew up in Pune (India) unil the age of fifteen and then moved to Canada. Both her parents are excellent cooks and many in her family are professional chefs… which is the reason why she now has ridiculously high standards for where she eats! Mithalee is a trained chef and has worked professionally in… Read more »


Meet Harpreet Dayal, a South Asian interdisciplinary artist, community convener, learner, and believer in the power of the arts to connect and heal. She is the founder of ‘Love Notes’ an event that gathers artists from across disciplines to create a performative love note to Calgary and beyond. Since its inception in 2017, Harpreet has… Read more »


Meet Dimple Rayat, a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), Mental Health (Trauma) and Spiritual Coach at Insyc Therapy. Dimple Rayat thrives on transforming your well-being through the power of tuning into your own story. Your story of illness to wellness. Healing pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD to calm and peace. Challenges to triumph. Defeat to victory…. Read more »


Meet Parween Mander, a South Asian Millennial Money Expert on a mission to empower other women of colour from immigrant upbringings to feel confident in their ability to manage their finances. Her organization, the Wealthy Wolfe, is a digital financial coaching and education platform geared towards providing a safe space around learning about money in a… Read more »


Meet Ashley Rani Singla. Her journey has been one of much contrast. It was when she realized that ‘success” as society labels it wasn’t her path anymore, she found her true calling. Ashley cherishes her alone time and this recognition brought into a journey of redefining motherhood for herself, particularly coming from a culture where… Read more »

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Meet Kiran and Jessica Tiwana. These sisters are the founders and owners of Pearl & Clover Co, a Vancouver-based boutique clothing company that carefully curates clothing for women of all sizes. They are both stylists that have a love of fashion and home design. In addition, Kiran is an entrepreneur and works for the Federal Government,… Read more »


The Be Your Own Best Friend (BYOBF) Network is partnering with Pearl & Clover Clothing to host an in-person Sip n’ Shop women’s networking event for homemakers, entrepreneurs, business professionals and everyone in-between. It’s all about mingling, networking, meeting new people, making new friends and connecting with familiar faces that we haven’t seen in way… Read more »


Rarely will you meet someone from Metro Vancouver who doesn’t know who Tarannum Thind is. Tarannum is a versatile broadcaster who has hosted news reports, entertainment stories and lifestyle segments both on television and radio. Tarannum brings her dedication, experience, charisma, and her love for storytelling to her most recent role as the host of… Read more »


Talia is a dedicated intersectional feminist and a wholehearted desi woman who is on a mission to redefine the narrative of desi womanhood. Her passion for gender equality and social justice has driven her to continuously apply herself professionally, culturally, and socially to amplify the voices of women and marginalized populations. Talia works in consulting as a social… Read more »

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