Interview Prep A lack of preparedness is the downfall of a strong applicant. Leave your ego at the door and put in the work to learn more about the position and organization. This helps show respect and enthusiasm to the interview panel. Your interview prep to-do list: Research the company extensively Anticipate the interview questions… Read more »


Let’s Talk About LinkedIn You may not feel quite ready to update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your job-seeking status. It can feel a bit final to create an update to your employment details, however we urge you not to delay. Unless your LinkedIn profile is current, then employers or recruiters may not reach out… Read more »


COVER LETTER TIPS MAKE IT CUSTOM We can tell you, this one’s really important and can make or break an application. For each and every new positionthat you apply to, you need to create a specific cover letter that is targeted and thoughtfully written. It’s easy for a recruiter or employer to tell if you’re… Read more »


RESUME REVIEW EDIT, EDIT, EDIT We highly recommend going through several rounds of editing to make sure your writing is as clear as possible and you’ve eliminated any spelling or grammatical errors. It’s a great idea to ask a friend or family member, who is willing to lend a critical eye, to review your resume… Read more »


Jingle and Mingle! When you can’t meet in person, that doesn’t mean business — or the need to build relationships — stops. In fact, without the natural interactions that go along with in-person work and events, it’s even more important to be proactive in your efforts to make connections. That’s why this year, we’ll be… Read more »

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Meet Jasmin Kaur. A spoken word artist, illustrator and educator living on unceded Sto:lo First Nations territory. This means that the land she was born and lives upon was taken through colonial violence from the Indigenous communities that have lived here long before Canada was ever a concept. Growing up in a community – and a world… Read more »

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Meet Kamal (a.k.a Kam) Bhalla. From stay-at-home mom to stylist/personal shopper at Nordstrom, this busy working mom of two is doing what she loves. Fashion is a true passion for her and she enjoys keeping up with the latest trends, however her journey into becoming a stylist, isn’t a conventional one.  To overseeing real estate projects to… Read more »


The only thing we ever miss about working at a job, is the office Christmas/Holiday party. So, we’re hosting our annual HOLIDAY MINGLER for homemakers, entrepreneurs and anyone who doesn’t have a company party to go to. It’s all about mingling, networking, meeting new people, making new friends and connecting with familiar faces. We only… Read more »


Meet Veerpal. She is the founder of EO Healing, an aromatherapy and plant-based skin care brand that focuses on creating quality skin care and wellness products that are healthy and effective. Through her products, her goal is to improve one’s skin and enhance holistic health, while improving your overall lifestyle. Veerpal is also a certified and… Read more »


Meet Raman Mander. She’s a 25 year-old spoken word poet, a publisher, a podcast host and to top it off, a nurse as well.  She’s been a registered nurse in maternity for two and a half years. This past year she returned to school to complete her perinatal specialty so she could focus on labour and delivery. She’s… Read more »


Meet Agam Darshi. This talented award winning actor wears many hats, including that of Director, Producer, Storyteller and Momma of twins. She has been a professional actor for over fifteen years, working internationally and garnering numerous awards. Agam recently won her third Leo Award and has starred in numerous TV series such as PLAYED (CTV), SANCTUARY (SYFY) and… Read more »


EAT, DRINK AND MAKE CONNECTIONS! Come celebrate the summer with us at one of Yaletown’s hottest patios! Can you believe it’s almost the end of summer? Connect face-to-face with a group of like-minded South Asian women at our upcoming mingler. Our community is made up of successful, motivated and passionate women from various industries and… Read more »


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