Meet Simone Grewal, a vetern broadcaster who’s been working in the media industry for over 22 years in both radio and television. Currently,  Simone is the Program Director at 104.3 The Breeze FM and also the host of a syndicated afternoon show that airs from 3pm to 7pm in Vancouver & Edmonton. She’s a momma of two wonderful boys Aarav and Arjun,  and wife to her amazing husband of 14 years, Mandip.

In addition, Simone has spent the last 9 years volunteering on the South Asian Division Committee at BC Children’s Hospital and she’s also a program advisor for the BCIT Radio Arts and Entertainment Program.

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Tell us about your journey? How did you get involved in your industry?

This has been a dream of mine from the beginning. As a kid, I often found myself recording radio shows on my cassette player and always told my parents I would be on the radio or tv one day.  I enrolled in the Broadcast Communications and Media Relations program at BCIT after high school to get started, and found my first job at Z95.3 FM as a street team member and a traffic reporter. After many years I came right back here on-air but now as management.  I always quote Drake when sharing this story –  “Started from the bottom now we’re here.”

What is the hardest challenge you have come up against in your personal/professional life? What was your biggest lesson learned?

Professionally I am lucky to not have faced many challenges in my industry.  The hardest one was definitely personal lessons. I’ve dealt with a lot of loss over the years and my brother gave me the best advice after we lost a loved one. He told me that we had just had the hardest day of our life and nothing will ever be as hard. So now I don’t stress, because nothing seems hard after going through something like that. I’ve a very positive optimistic person and always look at the brighter side of life.

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What advice would you give South Asian women wanting to do what you do?

As cliché as it sounds, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. Your passion and creativity just shine when you do what you love.  If you are interested in working in any aspects of media, enroll in a program, get some training and find yourself a mentor.

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What does “women empowering women” mean to you? What do you do to help South Asian women feel empowered?

It means lifting each other up. We all have our ups and downs and go through real life issues.  If you know someone who needs your support, show up for them. If you can help someone get further in their career or personal life, be there for them. I always strive to choose connection over competition.  Being with likeminded women empowering each other is the best way to go.

I often tell South Asian women to not shy away from our roots, be proud of our culture even when working in a non South Asian dominated fields. We have so much to offer, don’t sell yourself short.

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If you could tell your teenage self-something, what would it be?

Don’t worry about the little insecurities. High school is such a short time, and it can feel like forever when you are in it. Just keep focused on your goals and don’t let anyone or anything deter you from that.  Once you leave high school you are going to blossom and find your way.

What is your personal motto or mission statement?

Live your life everyday like it’s your last. Might seem a little dark, but after losing my father it was a hard lesson learned that life is short, so take the trip, call someone to connect, tell people in your life you love them. Be kind. Think about if life ended tomorrow what legacy would you leave behind.

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Besides your work, what are you passionate about?

I love being the sports mom, taking my kids to hockey, soccer and baseball and connecting with other parents. I love socializing and attending community events. Also very passionate about being a voice for the South Asian community on mainstream media.

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Where can one find you on your days off?

Probably with the kids at their sports, or cuddling up on the couch with them for a movie night.  Love date nights with my husband – when we can squeeze them in, and also going out to dinner with my girlfriends.

How do you balance work, life, family?

At first it was very overwhelming, but I think I’ve become extremely skilled at it.  I map out my day the night before, I also write everything down in a planner and not my phone. Having that visual checklist really helps me organize my work and kids schedule and it feels so good when you check things off that to do list!

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Upcoming projects

I’ve been working on my Relaxing Reads podcast, which is book reviews and author interviews.  Looking forward to reading Sonya Singh’s novel Sari, Not Sari and chatting with her.

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