Meet Veerpal. She is the founder of EO Healing, an aromatherapy and plant-based skin care brand that focuses on creating quality skin care and wellness products that are healthy and effective. Through her products, her goal is to improve one’s skin and enhance holistic health, while improving your overall lifestyle. Veerpal is also a certified and a licensed Medical Laboratory Technologist, Organic Skin care formulator, Colour cosmetic formulator and an Aromatherapist.


Tell us about your career journey?

Let me take you back to when I was 8 years old, living in India. A place where girls grow up with constant reminders that only fair skin is beautiful. I still remember those days when elderly women used to ask my mom “who do I look like” since 3 of my older sisters have fair skin. As a child, this used to bother me. I would look for home remedies in local newspapers to lighten my skin. Little did I know that these home remedies were a temporary fix. At the age of 12, I started using a moisturizer called “Fair & Lovely” to turn my skin a few shades lighter. This product contained bleaching ingredients and my skin definitely appeared a few shades lighter. At the age of 14, I moved to Canada. A place where you meet people from all walks of life. A place where I felt comfortable in my own skin. A place where no one questioned my mom. A place where I could finally breathe.

At the age of 16, my skin color no longer bothered me. I continued on with my life and enrolled myself into the medical field immediately after completing high school. My dad always had high expectations from his children and wanted us to have professional success before we got married. I completed my diploma in the Medical field in 2003 and started working full-time. I was very passionate about helping others and enjoyed my workplace. But something deep inside me kept on telling me there was something else I should be doing.

In 2006, I got married and 3 years later had my first son. I suffered from postpartum anxiety and the medical system failed to diagnose me and told me “I was perfectly fine and everything was just in my head”. I self-diagnosed myself and started incorporating aromatherapy. The results from using aromatherapy were so powerful, I decided to return to the school to become an Aromatherapist. I was so passionate about helping others that I decided to open up EO Healing in 2012 to educate others about the benefits of essential oils.


In 2013, I stepped into the skin care world and introduced our skin care line. In 2018, I decided to quit my day-job as the toxic environment of my workplace was causing my anxiety levels to go through the roof. I decided to focus my energy on my passion to educate others and to be a source where I could help others by answering their skin care questions.

In June 2019, I came up with a Line for our business “LOVE THE SKIN YOU ARE IN”. My love for creating a skin care line was ignited when I was 8 years old. A little girl who wanted to look good and feel comfortable in her own skin. It took me 31 years to be where I am today. A professional I absolutely love and comfortable in my own skin.

What is the hardest challenge you have come up against in your personal/professional life?

The biggest challenge for me would be giving control of running my business to another person. As an entrepreneur, I often forget to delegate duties to others. I have now learned that in order to grow, I need to build a supportive team.


What advice would you give young South Asian women wanting to do what you do?

Dream Big and make it happen. Do whatever it takes without giving up. Hard words pays off in the end.

What does “women empowering women” mean to you?

Building a community of like-minded women where everyone believes in helping women without judging them.

I am all about collaborating with local brands that are run by South Asian women especially as it makes me happy to see them living their dreams.

If you could tell your teenage self something, what would it be?

Be strong and powerful.


What is your personal mission statement?

Smile and spread kindness wherever you go.

Besides your work, what are you passionate about?

I love reading inspirational books and can get lost in the woods. I also love crafting with my boys.

Where can one find you on your days off?

I love being outdoors in the woods or anywhere near water. I am very passionate about yoga and have been practicing yoga for about 8 months now.

How do you balance work, life, family?

Haha, something every entrepreneur struggles with. Finding balance is an ongoing challenge but I am in the process of hiring a team so I can delegate some of my duties to them. I have made a commitment to stick to my regular office hours and not respond to any texts or messages outside of those hours. I try to take the weekends off from work which definitely helps when it comes to spending time with my boys.


Upcoming Events

EO Healing hosts ongoing Skin Care education workshops at their Studio in Surrey. During this intimate session, you will learn about natural ingredients, hormone disrupting ingredients and application techniques as well as tips to keep your skin glowing all year long.

November 22 – 24, 2019 – Annual Open House where one can come shop EO Healing products at a discounted rate.

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