It’s time to enter a new year with some new habits and a healthier lifestyle. Everyone loves making New Year Resolution plans, but those usually end up as empty promises to ourselves. This year, do things differently and promise to become a better and healthier you.

Start a Healthy Diet

Promise yourself that you will start having regular healthy breakfasts, that you won’t skip your lunch or dinner and that you will cut down on sugar. Introduce more dairy products into your diet, eat more fruit and veggies in any shape and form and throw more whole grain products into this diet mix. Fiber and nutrients are highly important for a healthy lifestyle and your body will only get what it really needs to function at its best. Also, don’t forget to drink more water to elevate your mood and well-being.


Ditch the Negative Things

365 days is plenty of time for bad habits and things to pile up and stress us out. That’s why your new year should start without anything negative in it. Anybody that causes you more trouble than joy should be transitioned out, try to change certain habits and if you feel your job isn’t the right fit, perhaps it’s time to explore what makes you happy. If you are a smoker, this is a perfect timing to quit smoking.  If you have a bad habit of biting your nails, eating too much junk food or anything else that bothers you, it is time to ditch it and enter the new era with good healthy habits and less burden on your shoulders.


Reconnect with Nature

We are a part of nature, but we tend to forget that. So, spend 2017 outdoors with the people you love. You can start with simple regular walks around the park or your neighborhood. As you get more comfortable outside, you can take up new outdoor sports, go hiking, camping and enjoying the merriments of Mother Nature. To make things more fun, you should bring your friends and family because good company and fresh air will help you burn negative energy and relive all the stress that piled up during work.

Start Exercising More

Another important and healthy New Year Resolution idea is exercising more frequently. Moving your body is essential for your well-being, so try fitting that into your day. Take up a new sport you always wanted to try, visit the gym more than two times a week and start jogging after work. This way, your muscles will become stronger and more flexible, your immune system will boost and you will feel better and more energetic. Plus, all the stress will be gone, which promises a healthy mind.


Try Meditation

As soon as you start, you will notice how more relaxed you are, how your concentration has raised and how stress is leaving you forever. What is more, you can easily meditate wherever you find it comfortable and potentially change your life.

Don’t be one of those people who makes empty promises to themselves. Rather, make a good list for the New Year Resolutions and build your path towards a healthier and better you.


Elise Morgan

Elise is from Denver, Colorado and an ordinary girl with an extraordinary life that she shares with her eight pets. She is a health and fitness fanatic who adores hiking, long bicycle rides, paragliding and all sorts of extreme sports. After all, she did spend hundreds of hours in the air. She loves writing about health, beauty, adventures, experiences and life in general. Twitter @EliseMorgan1 Facebook: Elise Morga