There have been times when some of the most amazing people I know, will call scared and fearful they are not going to be able to achieve their biggest goal to date. They are scared they don’t have it in them, so therefore become immobilized by this fear where they do not even know what steps they can take next.

Most of us have experienced this fear at some level at some point in our life. It is a frightening and dark place to be. How do we bring ourselves out of this place back to the position where we are shining our light?

The light always exists within you. The light has been a part of you, it is a matter of breathing into it and expanding it throughout your entire being.

One breath can change fear into excitement. It is that easy.

Breathe deep into that fear and bring in the white light. The white light that is the love and support from your source/universe/God. That light enables further illumination of your brightness that is meant to shine in this world.

Shine. Allow yourself to fully shine. From this place, it isn’t scary anymore to be your best self.


“The greatness that lies within all of us many times is the one thing will stop us from attaining all that is within our reach.” – Quote from Marianne Williamson