Meet Kiran Purewal, founder of Drama Queen Studios. Drama Queen Studios has been providing hair styling and make-up services for bridal and non-bridal events for a number of years, however Kiran Purewal didn’t become a success over night. Through her hard work, referrals and great customer service she was able to launch a successful business that now encompasses 11 make-up and hair artists under her umbrella. Not only is Kiran a sought after make-up artist, she also educates those wanting to enter this industry by holding classes and sessions on a regular basis. She’s living the life of a chic mompreneur, juggling her business, her family and her own personal happiness.

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What Advice Would you give young South Asian women wanting to enter the make-up or hair industry?

If you are passionate about something you should follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone bring you down and patience is definitely a must. It’s one of the basic qualities that you really need in the makeup/hair industry. If you can be patient with your clients and your work, you’re on the right path.

How important is it to you to make South Asian women feel empowered? What do you do to help South Asian women feel empowered?

I love doing hair and make-up on South Asian women because when you look good, you feel good. Women sometimes put themselves last by putting their husbands or children before their own needs, and so I enjoy making women feel beautiful about themselves. Through my work, I help my team achieve their goals as well. I take care of their administrative requirements and handle all client inquiries so that my team is free to go and work in the field. Not only do I teach my students how to do professional hair and make-up, but I also empower them by teaching them how to set-up their own businesses, how to price their services and how to market themselves. I strive to ensure all those that work with me, leave feeling good about themselves and empowered.

What is your Personal Motto or Mission Statement?

My mission is to empower women by helping them discover their true inner and outer beauty. My approach to doing so, is that when you look good, you feel good and you then gain a certain level of confidence to make changes in your life. The key to success is self-esteem and make-up can be an integral piece of that life puzzle.

Besides your Work, what are you Passionate About?

I like most women, enjoy shopping and I’m passionate about fashion and keeping up-to-date with new looks. I also enjoy traveling with my family and feel that we must live in the moment to create important life-long bonds with one another.

Where can one find Kiran on her Days Off?

I really enjoy cooking and participating in outdoor activities such as walking and biking. I’m also a big Bollywood fan and love watching hindi movies whenever time permits.

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By Sukhi Ghuman