It’s neither cheap nor easy to keep up with trends but these essentials will keep you looking fab all Summer long. The midi skirt/dress, peek-a-boo long skirts, cropped tops and neon colours are all in fashion this season! But what I am noticing, on myself and many others, is fashion is what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Not to be a party pooper to those handful of people who are ‘listening’ to me, but wear what looks best on your body. When leggings came in, we ran to the stores because finally something was in style that we all loved to wear and felt comfortable in. Admittedly now, it’s hard to shift away from them, and that’s why I suggest the longer skirts – it nips and tucks away that glorious dinner we’ve just had.

midiside split

Fashion is meant to make you feel beautiful, and I know when I’m putting together an outfit, I like to make a statement so I am happy to try new styles. If you’ve met me, you’ll know I am not your average girl, I’m not 5’7 and nor do I weigh 120lbs, I don’t go to the gym every day and I don’t count my calories (maybe I should) but I like to dress well and look good. I’m just like you. I enjoy life and I want to teach my daughter too to embrace her beauty as is.

So make your statement this summer by embracing your beauty, be a bit daring yet comfortable. Oh and one thing ladies, coming from London, you’ll never see me or another Londoner in jogging bottoms, so please leave your track pants for the gym.

I’ve provided you with a list of retail outlets you can visit to purchase some of your new outfits. These are the some of my places of choice:

My first go to place is: TOPSHOP! Always has been, always will be.  Tip – if you’re a student, you get 10% off.

Urban Planet: Looks like a cheap store, but go in and look for the QED Brand outfits – all made by a London designer who is fast on the rise

Crush logo

Also another store to check out for European outfits is Crush Clothing in Morgan Crossing, South Surrey. I love going into the store because the girls here visit London (more often than I can) and bring back the latest styles. They have generously agreed to give all readers of BYOBF Network and Drama Queen Studios clients 10% off for the month of June.

Check out – they have free international delivery and sell designer outfits too.


Sharon Taggar

By Sharon Taggar Sekhon, Senior Make-up Artist at Drama Queen Studios

Tweet: @SharonTSekhon