Staging is the ultimate solution to get top dollars for your property. Creativity and style can help you showcase your home in the right light to make it look worth the price you are asking for. The aim is to create a universal appeal and to style it with the minimum.

When you sell a property, the buyer is going to take a look at every detail – right from the runways to the living room. Home stylists understand the importance of aesthetics and hence give your home the ‘look’ that will sell. Generally, this is not an added expenditure. It is just about working with the available furniture and accessories and moving them around, getting rid of some and adding something else. Well, whether to style your house pre-selling it is your decision. But, be aware, that it definitely makes the process easier and faster with very little or no investment on your part.

First and foremost, Find a stylist. Finding a reliable stylist is the first step. Your real estate agent could help you find one if you need one. They will analyze the requirements and give your home a perfect look. They will bring all the necessary artwork etc.

Here are a few things you should be looking out for while styling your home:

Keep it clean and clear

Be sure to clear away all the clutter. The potential new owners of the house will want to walk into the house and imagine what the space can look like. The kitchen and the bathrooms are the key places to concentrate on for cleanliness. Make sure your home is spick and span before you show it to potential buyers.


Personal pictures and any other such personalization should be completely removed. Anything that reflects your ideals and views too should be removed – like religious items, pictures of pets etc. In short, make a truly neutral and beautiful presentation of your house.

Minimize accessories

Over decorating the house takes away the charm. Keep artwork and flower vases to the minimum. Make sure that you decorate the house, but within limits.

Repair all the obvious problems

If there is a dripping tap or a broken chair or anything that will break the look of the house. Make sure that you don’t highlight the little things that are wrong in the house. It must be repaired before the house is shown to the buyer.

Proper lighting and proper and minimal furniture placement will ensure that the house gets the initial appeal that is required for making that sale. Well, these are a few things to keep in mind before you sell your home sweet home. A little investment in staging the house in the right way will be far better worth than to reduce the price of the property altogether. Think about it and do it right in the first attempt and get the price your property is worth!

Tanvir Khera

Tanvir Khera is a Vancouver Real Estate Agent specializing in selling or buying a home in East Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, Surrey, Delta and as well as condos in Downtown Vancouver.



Twitter: @TanvirKhera