San Diego-based singer, Sabrina, is a versatile and talented young Indo-Urban style artist who was drawn to that music’s ability to build bridges between East and West. Her own edgy flare and urban vibe works to create a sound that’s vibrant, hip, and distinctly her own. Meet this talented performer as she participates in VIBC’s 13th Annual City of Bhangra Festival at Bhangra:We on June 15th and Downtown Bhangra on June 17th.

Tell us about the path you took to get to where you are today. What advice would you give young South Asian when wanting to do what you do?

Although I do not come from a family of musicians/singers, I was always surrounded around the entertainment industry as my father used to be a concert organizer for many years. I learned music and dance for many years. My parents are very supportive, even through the rough patches. To anyone young striving to be in the music industry, I would say to find motivation and keep it consistent. It’s very important to remove any negativity from your life. You must find a way to relax (dance, music, yoga, etc.) because it will improve your performances. Also, find a professional coach to further improve your singing and performance style. Do anything and learn as much as you can to gain confidence. I have learned a lot about that and have applied it to my life.


How important is it to you to make South Asian women feel empowered?

It is immensely important because I know some female artists who have not had support from their family in this industry and it is sad because there is no reason for females not to do what they feel that they love. I would help females in any way to help them achieve their goals and aspirations because it will only add positivity to the world.


What is your personal motto or mission statement?

Don’t let anything anyone says bring you down because once you achieve something, people will ask you how you did it rather than why.

Besides your work, what are you passionate about?

Besides music, I have a passion for inspiring others, giving love to others by serving them in whichever way I can, giving back to my community through volunteering, doing yoga to relieve stress, eating healthy and increasing my knowledge in whichever way possible whether it’s through an instructor/teacher, reading, or hearing about others’ experiences.


Where can one find you on your days off?

I work out almost every day on days off and working because I find that I can think more clearly through exercising. I am also a homebody, so I would rather spend time with family and close friends at home rather than going out every weekend to party. Once in a while is tolerable, but because I put so much passion and energy into my music and performances that on my days off I just want to spend time at home in comfortable clothes and no make-up, but I always incorporate music and learning in some way even on days off. I feed off of the positive energy I get from family and close friends. They also give me suggestions and honest opinions for my work, which I appreciate.

How do you balance work, life, family?

Through attaining my bachelor’s and master’s degree I learned a lot about structure in life and time management. I think through out the years, I have improved in balancing my life more. I have a calendar, which I cannot live without and it lists the daily activities I must achieve on each given day. Also, I make procrastination my enemy.

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