Preeti Dhillon is an artist, teacher and owner of an art studio. For the past 15 years, Preeti has been teaching both children and adults to get in touch with their artistic side. This means exploring their talents through drawing and painting. Preeti teaches in schools as a guest artist, hosts painting parties at the Neighbourhood... Read more »
Meet Kiran Sunar. She’s a PhD student in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia and her work engages questions of gender, sexuality and the fantastical in South Asian Literature and Culture. She is also a writer of fiction. Kiran is one of the featured speakers at VIBC’s 13th Annual City of Bhangra... Read more »
08.11.16 Kiran Sunar building
San Diego-based singer, Sabrina, is a versatile and talented young Indo-Urban style artist who was drawn to that music’s ability to build bridges between East and West. Her own edgy flare and urban vibe works to create a sound that’s vibrant, hip, and distinctly her own. Meet this talented performer as she participates in VIBC’s... Read more »
Meet Taran Mullhi, she’s the owner and designer behind Mahari Collection – a womenswear clothing brand based in Vancouver, BC. Taran was brought up in the UK and as a child explored carrying creative arts. She has always loved mixing and matching her wardrobe and drawing inspiration from her Indian heritage into her everyday style.... Read more »
Anu Chouhan is a multidisciplinary illustrator. Growing up, she drew inspiration from animated movies, music, fashion, video games, and her own imagination. Anu remixes these influences through the lens of her Punjabi heritage. The result is an eclectic mixture of east-meets-west imagery, as well as a high-yet-low brow art style. Her edgy, energetic art has gathered... Read more »

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