Meet Jasmine Garcha. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Health and Lifestyle Blogger, and the founder of Holistic Jazz—a platform dedicated to creating awareness about chronic health conditions, mental illness, food intolerances and holistic wellness. Basically, “All that Holistic Jazz”! She’s passionate about creating awareness and educating others on thriving through a holistic lifestyle. Jasmine is an intuitive and expressive storyteller who utilizes her true, raw and authentic story of overcoming mental and invisible illnesses to empower others.

She is a woman who is finding her way to wellness: a woman who is empowered and dedicated to breaking the stigma against invisible illnesses, and creating a world where it is okay to not be okay. Jasmine is a beautiful soul who is going against the grain and following her soul’s true calling.

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Tell us about the path you took to get to where you are today. 

My life journey has been filled with trials and tribulations. I am a woman who has seen the light through the darkness. Throughout my life, I have battled mental illness, disordered eating, chronic pain and invisible illnesses. I spent many years of my life hiding my true self for fear of judgement. My university years were some of the darkest days of my life. A once ambitious and driven woman, I had lost any desire to live let alone pursue any goals that I may have had. At the outset of my university years, I had no inkling of what the future held for me.

At the age of 25, I made the decision to leave my career in youth work and take a leap of faith to focus on my health. I was 25 and sick beyond my years. I knew that I didn’t want my present to be my future. Rather than let the fear of the unknown hold me back, I embraced the unknown and trusted my gut intuition. I studied holistic nutrition, took time to focus on my health and travelled the world. I am now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and blogger who is actively pursuing additional entrepreneurial endeavors. I know that my career and life journey is an ongoing one and I am excited to see where the universe guides me!

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What advice would you give young South Asian women wanting to do what you do?

My advice to young South Asian women is to follow your calling. Trust your gut intuition and walk the path that you are meant to walk. Have confidence in your passion, your drive, your skills and above all, allow yourself to go against the norm. My biggest piece of advice to young South Asian women who are pursuing a career in the health and wellness industry is to channel your personal stories in the work that you do to allow yourself to empower and be empowered.

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How important is it to you to make South Asian women feel empowered? What do you do to help South Asian women feel empowered?

My goal with the work that I do is to empower all women to speak their truth. However, it is exceptionally important to me to make South Asian women feel empowered. It is important for us as women to go against the grain and break cultural norms in order to pursue our goals and passions. I spent many years hiding my true self, partially due to overall societal stigma but largely due to the stigma within our South Asian community. It is important that women within the South Asian culture feel comfortable speaking their truth, showing their weakness and asking for help if they are struggling. It is also very important to me that we empower our younger generation and show them that they can do anything that their heart desires.

As an intuitive storyteller who uses her true, raw, authentic voice to share a glimpse into the highs and lows of my ongoing life journey, my hope is that other South Asian women are empowered to speak about their journeys as well. In the future, I plan to use my platform, Holistic Jazz, to showcase the invisible voices of South Asian women.

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What is your personal motto or mission statement?

My personal motto is ‘In Omnia Paratus’, a Latin phrase meaning ‘ready for anything’. It is a constant reminder to me that I am able to handle anything on this journey called life! (And yes, for all you Gilmore Girls fans, this was also the motto of the Life and Death Brigade!)

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Besides your work, what are you passionate about?

I have a passion for inspiring others to speak their true, raw authentic voice. I am also passionate about creating awareness and breaking the stigma against mental health. In addition, I am an avid volunteer and community activist, giving back to the community by supporting organizations and causes that are near and dear to my heart including mental health, cancer, at-risk youth and sports. Growing my knowledge and skill set by attending workshops, seminars, learning content or taking courses is also a passion of mine!

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Where can one find you on her days off? 

I am holistic health enthusiast, smoothie bowl addict, sports fanatic, adventure seeker and aspiring traveler! During my days off, you can often find me in the kitchen creating recipes, curled up on the couch with a good book or off on a crazy adrenaline seeking adventure!

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How do you balance work, life, family?

After years of spreading myself too thin, I have learned to prioritize what is most important to me. As an entrepreneur, it is imperative to establish a weekly schedule and daily routine. I have developed a daily practice, consisting of morning rituals and non-negotiable practices, that allows me to put my needs first, allowing me to remain grounded and present. By doing so, I am able to be more productive in my work and able to balance work, life and family. I have also learned to set boundaries in all areas of my life to ensure that my needs remain my number one focus which allows me to lead a balanced life.

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