Abubakar Khan, Actor and Podcast Host   Abubakar Khan is a young American, Canadian, Pakistani muslim. He is the founder of The Chosen Khan. An online platform that highlights diversity, interfaith and creative dialogue. He is the chairman of Social Sport, a charity that helps to integrate refugee youth through the power… Read more »


Meet sisters Nina Johal and Sharon Grewal. These mompreneurs established their online boutique jewelry company to fulfill their passion for Indian fashion jewelry and the impact it can make in creating the perfect look. These sisters love to offer designs and styles to suit everyone’s personality and create a look unique and true to them. Indian jewelry… Read more »


Preeti Dhillon is an artist, teacher and owner of an art studio. For the past 15 years, Preeti has been teaching both children and adults to get in touch with their artistic side. This means exploring their talents through drawing and painting. Preeti teaches in schools as a guest artist, hosts painting parties at the Neighbourhood… Read more »


Meet Kiran Sunar. She’s a PhD student in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia and her work engages questions of gender, sexuality and the fantastical in South Asian Literature and Culture. She is also a writer of fiction. Kiran is one of the featured speakers at VIBC’s 13th Annual City of Bhangra… Read more »

08.11.16 Kiran Sunar building

San Diego-based singer, Sabrina, is a versatile and talented young Indo-Urban style artist who was drawn to that music’s ability to build bridges between East and West. Her own edgy flare and urban vibe works to create a sound that’s vibrant, hip, and distinctly her own. Meet this talented performer as she participates in VIBC’s… Read more »


Meet Taran Mullhi, she’s the owner and designer behind Mahari Collection – a womenswear clothing brand based in Vancouver, BC. Taran was brought up in the UK and as a child explored carrying creative arts. She has always loved mixing and matching her wardrobe and drawing inspiration from her Indian heritage into her everyday style…. Read more »


Anu Chouhan is a multidisciplinary illustrator. Growing up, she drew inspiration from animated movies, music, fashion, video games, and her own imagination. Anu remixes these influences through the lens of her Punjabi heritage. The result is an eclectic mixture of east-meets-west imagery, as well as a high-yet-low brow art style. Her edgy, energetic art has gathered… Read more »


Sandeep Gill was born and raised in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. After pursuing a career in Social Work, she recognized the depths of silence and the shame culture plaguing the South Asian community today. She founded She Writes HerStory to raise awareness about the systematic cultural oppression faced by South Asian women and to empower women to reclaim their… Read more »


Raveena Oberoi is the owner of Just Cakes, a bespoke custom cake company in Metro Vancouver. She definitely has a sweet tooth along for all things creative and crafty. It’s this love for creativity that got Raveena into baking cakes at the age of sixteen. What started off as a hobby, soon became a full-fledged business… Read more »


Lil India’s endless love and desire to hear Jodeci on the dancefloor is how they began DJing. With their knowledge of R&B and Hip Hop they’ve always know how to keep the crowds dancing. Staying true to their vision of playing good music and setting good vibes, they’ve successfully thrown parties for the past 6… Read more »


Mumbai born Ranjit Heer is passionate about her work and strives toward achieving her goals. One of these goals includes making a name of herself in the fashion industry, and this lucky lady’s work paid off, as she was featured in Vancouver Fashion Week 2015. Tell us about the path you took to get to where… Read more »


Taranjit (Taran) Cheema recently had her collection grace the runaways of Vancouver Fashion Week 2014. This Canadian-born designer, has a strong eye for colors and graphics while exploring mix media. Regardless, Taranjit always strives to create unique and inspirational pieces. From New York to Vancouver, this fashionista is currently working on launching her latest collection, “DESH” in S/S 2015.  … Read more »

Taranjit Cheema

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