Meet Ayesha. A Certified BCRPA Personal Trainer, a Precision Nutrition Coach, a Fit-4-Two Pre and Post Natal certified coach, and also a soon to-be Vegetarian Nutrition coach via Alive Academy. She is a private personal trainer and referral based coach who works one-on-one with women in order to better focus on their individual needs and goals. Growing up overweight i her teens and early adult years, Ayesha fully understands the obstacles that women face trying to balance life and self-care. She feels we can become our own worst enemy and start comparing ourselves to others, which leads to self destructive behaviour. There are many quick fixes on the market, as well as a lot of contradicting information in society, therefore Ayesha does her best to educate her clients through coaching, to live as realistic, natural and simple as possible as healthy living should not be complicated and everyone differs. One shoe does not fit all, it’s a lifestyle.


Tell us the path you took to get to where you are today.

Straight out of high school I attended Douglas college to pursue my University transfer studies, then later decided that I could not forgo my love of art and design so I transferred to the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design for my first year foundation arts curriculum. I soon realized growing up watching my mom do interior design, art and custom murals I wanted to follow in the same path. Therefore, I enrolled in the BCIT Interior Design Management studies diploma. After graduation I worked at Ethan Allen as a full time In-House Designer, which I loved. But life had other plans for me as I met my future husband and long story short, I moved to Germany to be with him while he was stationed there for work. When we moved back in 2008, we were in a complete recession and jobs were scarce in the design field, so I had taken many odd jobs from working at a newspaper company to an optical clinic. I finally took a full time position with a weight loss company. I absolutely fell in love with coaching clients, helping them get healthier, and guiding them with solutions for early prevention and to obtain better health. I knew then this was my calling. I worked with them for 3.5 years and in a short time took on a management role. The economy was still suffering at that point and the business was sold therefore I decided to go back to school to become a Certified Personal Trainer as I knew that this was something I felt passionate about.


What advice would you give young South Asian women wanting to do what you do?

My advice to our young south asian women is to follow what lights your soul on fire. There is no manuscript for life. We all have something that we are great at and it is ok to not know right out of the gate.  You will be working for a lifetime so you might as well do something you love and master it. Be patient with yourself, trust yourself and listen to your authentic voice, it won’t lead you astray.


How important is it to you to make south asian women feel empowered?

I think it is extremely important to empower our South Asian women as we have a lot to offer. Follow what you resonate with. Social Media is great, but it also has the ability to influence both good and bad and it can make one feel less of a person if we aren’t up to that level of stature. Remember, we live in a cyber world and at times all you see is the highlight reel of only good moments being portrayed. We all face ups and downs. What you do in real life is what matters. Through motivational coaching and offering constant support to my female clients I try and give them positive reassurance that they are physically strong but more importantly mentally strong and true beauty is skin deep and we are all blessed with uniqueness. Do not compare yourself to others.

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What is your personal motto or mission statement?

I don’t have a single motto that I go by, I am spiritual and believe one should live a life that is balanced, wholesome, passionate, self loving, natural and authentic and happiness will transcend. What you can not control, let it go, but what we can control is how we approach life.


Besides your work, what are you passionate about?

I am passionate about photography, poetry, art and design…and does food count?


Where can one find you on your off days?

I’m a home body mostly, so I do enjoy my netflix and chill evenings with my hubby, but we are also outdoorsy so we are out fishing , snowboarding, going on nature hikes, travelling, frequenting coffee shops and going on food adventures.


How do you balance work, life, family?

I have a good balance as I am available to my clients 7 days a week which allows them to find the time to workout but also gives me some me-time in between. You have to find balance, get adequate sleep and hydrate otherwise you will burn out, so value yourself and your health. When a person has health, they have everything.

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