We live in a society where we’re bombarded by pictures of glamourous women on the covers of magazines and on television. These images are cited as examples of beauty and what others should aspire to in order to be considered beautiful. In the South Asian community, it’s no different with the Bollywood starlets who grace… Read more »


There have been times when some of the most amazing people I know, will call scared and fearful they are not going to be able to achieve their biggest goal to date. They are scared they don’t have it in them, so therefore become immobilized by this fear where they do not even know what… Read more »


In British Columbia, signs displaying faces of  candidates are at every major intersection and on lawns of people who have decided to step into a greater sense of leadership so they can contribute to society. These signs we see are for the municipal elections. What does it take to become a leader not only in their own… Read more »

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Living in a country that is known for its multiculturalism and diversity, diverse voices need to be represented at all levels of government to reflect the needs and challenges of the society that we live in. The diverse voices are integral to the socio-economic framework of cities. As we are leading into municipal elections here… Read more »


Mumbai born Ranjit Heer is passionate about her work and strives toward achieving her goals. One of these goals includes making a name of herself in the fashion industry, and this lucky lady’s work paid off, as she was featured in Vancouver Fashion Week 2015. Tell us about the path you took to get to where… Read more »


Taranjit (Taran) Cheema recently had her collection grace the runaways of Vancouver Fashion Week 2014. This Canadian-born designer, has a strong eye for colors and graphics while exploring mix media. Regardless, Taranjit always strives to create unique and inspirational pieces. From New York to Vancouver, this fashionista is currently working on launching her latest collection, “DESH” in S/S 2015.  … Read more »

Taranjit Cheema

Chicago, how I love thee! My first time visit Chicago has me wanting to return sooner than later. Maybe it was the amazing architecture including the intersection of cultures and history (this mosque has been turned into a Bloomingdales) or maybe it was the food (loved, loved the Pacific Coast Oysters at Epic and the… Read more »


In 2009, I was fortunate enough to go to Botswana for three weeks with the University of British Columbia Leave for Change program for Staff. When I chose to go to Botswana, I knew nothing about it other than it bordered South Africa. Over the next three months, I received cultural sensitivity training and I had… Read more »

Connect with some of the Best and Brightest as BYOBF Network partners with TOPSHOP Personal Shopping! On Wednesday, September 11, 2013 join us for an evening of Networking and Shopping! Satisfy your style cravings in a tailored appointment with TOPSHOP Personal Shoppers. Whether you’re after a special outfit for a big event, a first look… Read more »


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